A course and membership to help you master independent income, finance, and become a global citizen of the world.

This course is closed for enrollment.


Your ultimate guide to becoming an independent citizen of the world.

Covering an incredible range of topics, from learning how to monetise your existing skillset or passion online, creating low-tax business and asset protection structures around the world, how to acquire multiple citizenships and residencies to allow increased freedom of movement, global investment strategies and so much more. THE CODEX is the freedom and finance life manual you should have been given at birth.

Primarily delivered in video format, accompanied by detailed documents and attachments, this course will give you the blueprint to becoming an independent citizen of the world, not limited by the structures of the nation you were born in.

THE ORDER: Membership

Each week, you'll get multiple info drops from Sorelle and Leon covering new online earning tactics, global citizenship and residency news, digital nomad tips, offshore company and banking news, and a look into what we're doing in our own lives to increase our income, investing opportunities, and freedom.

You'll also get access to a monthly live video seminar with the most important lessons and news from that month, and a Q&A session with Sorelle and Leon where we'll answer the most pressing questions from THE ORDER community.

Lastly, you'll get access to an online community containing THE ORDER members, to share information, ideas, and be accountable to like-minded freedom seekers like yourself.


1. Will citizens of any country be able to use the course and membership?

Yes. Unlike many other teachers who commonly focus on those in the United States, our aim is to provide value to everyone, no matter where you live.

2. I am new to the world of finance, with very little savings. Is this right for me?

Most likely, yes. We've tailored the course to be usable for people of all income levels, and at many different stages - even if you're new to earning an independent income, investing, and so-on.

3. What makes this different from other financial education products?

We're not just focusing on finance. Our aim is to provide you with a blueprint for creating a life of global freedom, including starting or growing your independent ability to earn, setting up global structures for tax and asset protection benefits, acquiring new citizenships and residencies, and investing strategies to grow your wealth from scratch.

4. If this info isn't country specific, how will I know if it's right for me?

As we mentioned before, it's designed for just about everyone to get value. Almost everyone regardless of country of origin, or nationality, will be able to implement the tactics and strategies we talk about in the course and membership.

5. My country of citizenship doesn't allow dual or multiple citizenships. Will this still benefit me?

Definitely. Acquiring multiple passports is only one part of this course, and only one path to ultimate freedom. However, you can still attain multiple or new residencies in other places that will benefit you from business, investing, and tax purposes, if you don't want to give up or change your existing citizenship. In most cases, pursuing a new residency is almost always faster and easier anyway.

6. When will the course and membership be available after I order?

Right now! We've launched, and the course and membership are live.

7. Are there payment plans available?

No. However, you can choose to join on a per-year basis, or via a quarterly (every three months) membership.

This course is closed for enrollment.